Oh, no! Y European Parliament, the year it is your turn to imagine, organise, hiring a volunteer, and manage your organisation’s largest fundraiser. Every annual fundraising views helping thousands of communities in the America raising millions of dollars to the school, athletic teams, fraternities, Scouting programmes, charities and the Church. Fund awareness project to cover a broad range, from the sale of candy and chocolate bars’s donkey basketball or kiss the pigs competitions. Coming up with lucrative fundraisers can be a difficult procedure.

Do not to lose sight of the two main objectives of fundraisers: to earn money for your organisation and have FUN. Many people, young or old, get tired of fundraising project and just give up. Do notconsider this option! Find a f and fundraising that will not only make profits, but will also stimulate and encourage the voluntary and participants. Build in fun goals, offer fun incentives, take and display oodles of pictures (everybody likes to see their picture), and plan fun wrap-up activities–a barbecue, touch football game, Frisbee golf, swimming party, etc.

Fund raising projects can essentially be broken down into two broad categories: brochure fund raisers, and direct sale fund raisers. Brochure fundraisers is relatively lucrative, relatively simple to organise, and nearly risk free since you do not need to buy any products to resell. You can provide a large range of products (from Christmas to wrap tulips, magazines subscription and CDs) through colour booklets for your family, a friend, neighbours and trading partners. It’s also recommended that fund raisers offer their brochures in the general business community.

Direc t selling fundraising includes sale of products such as chocolate bars, biscuits batter or pizzeria sets. We are all aware of the thin coin candy cookie and Boy Scout Godfather. There the hundreds, even thousands, of dealers and suppliers push a large selection of products and programmes to groups that are seeking to raise funds for a specific reason. And they are easy to find using the Internet.

The BIG q uestion: how do you decide? That’s entirely up to you and your party. There is no one answer, no “one-size fits all” solution to this fundraising issue. Do you expect active involvement from all the members of your organization (like a car wash), or will a few volunteers be expected to do a lion’s share of the work? Fund raising events vary in cost, complexity and the final results are based on a host of factors that may be difficult to control–for example, there is no ice on the lake for your planned ice fishing derby or it pours rain on your car wash.

The most important tip–keep the FUN in your fund raising! Show appreciation to all portions of your organization and support base. Blend the food and entertainment–use the cake walk from selling a portion of the donation of goods at Cook sold, for instance. And you cannot say thanks frequently enough to the fans and players.

Whether you are selling Krispy Kremes for your church group or running a “dunk tank” at the local fair to support the volunteer fire department–best wishes for big profits!

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Larry Denton is a retiredhistory teacher having taught 33 years at Hobson High in Hobson, Montana. He is now Vice President of Elfin Enterprises, Inc., an Internet company provides information and precious resources on a range of current issues. For the carnival stand complete with resources, advice, and tips on fundraising, go http://www.FundRaisingFolks.com

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